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“Hodi”, “Kaaribu”

The following is from “West With The Night” by Beryl Markham – a memoir of her life, most of which was spent in Kenya.
This excerpt moves me every time I read it as it takes me back to a time and place of trust and respect and play an important foundation for my Real Estate service.

“As always, my door is open. It may well be closed – there is nothing to see but night.  There is nothing to hear for a long time, and then I hear what I know to be naked feet walking toward me.  But there is no stealth in the darkness, neither is there any noise.  It is the honest sound of one used to darkness, moving through my palace guard of trees.
I do not lift the pen from the paper nor raise my head.  I wait for a word, and it comes.
The voice is soft.  It is deep with a timbre I almost remember, but do not know.  It is respectful and warm and there is shyness in it.  Through the single Swahili word it says, “I am here“, and the echo of it adds, “Am I welcome?”
I do not have to think.  Now I leave the pen and raise my head from the half-covered sheet of paper.  Somehow that word is always to be trusted.  “Hodi” – we who have used it know it would scorch the lips of a liar and make a cinder of a thief’s tongue.  It is a gentle word, a word of honor, asking an answer gently.  And there is an answer.
I have said, “Come you are welcome“. “


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